I have been collecting for the past few weeks thoughts, images, ideas, concepts that were little reminders to myself to be happy/love myself/work on me. I put these ideas on sticky notes, in word documents, sent them to friends etc… but I didn’t have a place to working on myself.

So I came across this blog – http://theloveyourselfchallenge.tumblr.com/ and on one of pictures/videos it said something about 365 days and happiness. (either that or I decided to put the two together… cause I am good like that)

Anyways it got me thinking, what if I worked on myself for 365 days and actually took the time and effort to do so…  where would I be in a month? six months? a year? How would I feel about myself? Would I look at myself differently? Would I treat myself differently? Would I act differently?

I figured that I could stay where I am now, and wish for something to occur or I could choose to make something occur.

Thus I am choosing to work on myself.  I am going to make the effort. I am going to take pride in myself and who I am because I choose to.

I am going to work on the voices in my head, which tell me I can’t. Which tell me it is too scary to make changes, it is too much work, it is too my effort, and find a way to change that kind of thinking.

I have taught myself to stop letting  that little voice in my head put me down, now is the time to work on getting my outlook on myself to change, to work on the I CAN’Ts in my head because the only way I am going to get any where is to figure out how to work with them and/or quiet them down.

So far in my life I have let them take over, let them run the show… and i don’t want to live my life in I CAN’Ts any more, or I am too scared, or I have too much fear of failure or success. I want something more.. I want to live life not let outside forces take over.

So I am getting my thoughts out on paper, making it so I have something to go back to. Something to hold on to, something to reference so I can’t hide any more from myself

One Day Can Change Everything


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