happiness 9

I need to remind myself of these rules, as I often forget them.

  • I used to have too much anger – I worked hard to get rid of the anger so for the most part I follow rule 1
  • I do worry too much, I can often turn myself inside out with worry. But I have in the last couple of years gotten better. I don’t allow things to affect me as much. But this is still an area I need to work on.
  • I am not sure i live simply or not. I don’t live with a lot of electrons or such around me,  but i am not sure if that make it so I am living simply or that I am just not into the latest/greatest thing. Thinking…. I think it does mean I live more simply because i am not stressed out about keeping up the Joneses. (but I might need to think on this one more)
  • I give a lot of myself. So I am not sure this one applies to me. I would replace it with learning balance. That when I give so much of myself and leave little to nothing for myself, I am not able to help the next person as much cause I am not taking the time to take care of me.
  • Thinking… I think one needs to set realistic expectations for one self and others, but I think there are times we set ourselves and others up for failure. Thus I agree with this, that ones needs to expect things within reason.



  • It has taken me a long time to realize that I can’t find happiness outside of myself but that I have to look within.
  • I think I thought other people’s opinions mattered more than my own, I think I didn’t put much weight in my own opinions. I think I gave others the right/ability to hurt me by not being happy with who/what I was.
  • I have come to realize that the only way I can be happy, is to look inside and to work on myself. That the only way I can be content is to not let other people’s views affect me and to only care about what I feel. (to a point)
  • it is something I am working on… and it has been a hard road to get here.. but I am getting there slowly but surely



  • This has been another lesson I am in the process of learning. That I can focus in on the negatives, that which is hurting me… or I can focus in on what it keeping me together.
  • I had never thought of it the way the quote above states it, but it makes a lot of sense. I have the choice to either look at what is hurting me, (and over -analyzing it) or I can look at what is making me happy.  That I have that choice, and how things/people around me affect me.
  • I want to choose to look at things in a positive light… and I will get there slowly but surely

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