I wonder if I close my eyes, if the snow will go away.

I love the way snow looks, how it feels under my feet. I love sticking my tongue out and trying to catch snow flakes as they fall from the sky, I love how it makes everything look beautiful and pure, but I really dislike driving in it.

I am the person that you DON’T want on the roads when it snows as I tend to skid,  do 360’s, grip the wheel like a mad woman, or just plain drive about 10 miles per hour. Yep I am one of THOSE people and I am working tonight from 6:30 to 11:30pm. seriously I should be banned from driving in the snow.

Add in the last time I drove in the snow was over 3 years ago, so can we say… Fu**?

Sigh… I don’t want to go into work… but I am not sure they will allow for me to use the excuse that I am a safety hazard to myself and others if I drive.  I am not sure that one will fly…

But to be honest, I don’t really want to go into work tonight anyways cause I don’t quite grasp the concept of working in retail for 5 hours in the evening when there will be no one there…  but I will be da**ed if I call out.  I just have to fight the devil on my shoulder that is saying… “Do it, Do it, DO IT”

I will not only ignore the devil on my shoulder but stick my tongue out at him for good measure.



I think on a side note, going into work at 6:30pm when I have been working mornings/days is messing with me a bit and my brain just isn’t wrapping around the concept just yet.


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