I think people at work are starting to look at me strangely… grins.  I already went down one dress size, and I am close to (but not there yet) of needing to go down another size.

So I am constantly pulling my pants up.

I can’t wear anything tight around my waist because of my back surgery years ago, so all my pants have elastic waist bands. Add in the waist band is being stretched out by the walkie talkie that I wear, so the pants that normally fit appear to be a size too large on me.


Not the best look, I am soooo not going to be nominated for best dressed of the year…but right now I don’t have much of a choice in the matter.

doing a little dance

While I am on the topic of pants… seriously trying to find pants that not only fit the waist, the rear… but also the length is difficult.  I have a huge rear and short legs. Which means when I find pants to fit around my rear, the waist band doesn’t fit. When I find pants that fit not only around the rear and stomach… the length is too long.  WTF


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