On a sled sliding down a hill… is fun. Wearing socks while sliding across the floor.,. is fun. In a car on the other hand, sliding all over the place… not so much fun.



I have learned today… that living at the top of a steep hill… not the best thing when there is about 8 inches of snow on the ground.

I had no issues getting into work… I made it with 15 minutes to spare. Going home at 11:45pm at night.. is another story.

I made it through the first hill with no issues what so ever. It was only when I started driving on the back roads that the problems starting occurring. At the top of hill right before the turn onto my street the car lost traction and I had to throw the car into reverse and drive a few times before the tires griped the snow well enough to move forward.

I was feeling pretty proud of myself that I made it all the way home without an incident… or so I thought.

**** Damn plow. ****

The purpose of having someone plow your driveway is to be able to get the car into the driveway right? So the plow just came by… but pushed a MOUNTAIN of snow into the street at the end of the drive. So I got all the way home only to get stuck on the snow bank at the end of the driveway.

I couldn’t go forward, i couldn’t go backwards. I couldn’t get the darn car to move. Add in the fact that I am on a hill so I have even less traction.

FWD wasn’t working, the snow tires weren’t working… I was stuck.

So I did what any adult female does.. and called my Dad. (who was inside the house) and asked for help.

He of course let me know that the driveway had just been plowed.. (well duh.. I can see that as I am right on top of it ) and didn’t quite understand how I got stuck…

**** bangs head against the dash****

I nicely let my Dad know that I didn’t aim for the darn snow bank…. I didn’t think I was super woman and could plow my way through it (really I didn’t) . it just happened to be my luck that snow bank jutted out into the street 2-3 feet.

I finally got out of the car… (yep I had to call my Dad first to tell him I was stuck before I tried to fix it.. cause I am good like that) and scraped the snow out from around the front tires, got back into the car… tried again… and after another minute or two of fighting the snow…. I finally got the car up the driveway and into the  garage.

To which my Dad who had come out to help…. looks at me and tells me I need to back up and re-park cause the snow that is left on the car will create too big of a puddle

I looked at him and said your kidding right? He looks at me smiling… and says no he isn’t. I think he is kidding as he has this huge smile on his face (since he didn’t have to fight the snow).. and says.. “yes I really want you to move the car over a few inches.”

I just shake my head… happy that I am home and back the car out and move it over a few inches like he wants.

Hey if it makes him happy, and he was willing to step in and help… I can do something as little as that right.

Right now I am just glad to be home safe… cause tonight the roads were rough.

I am just hoping that everyone who is driving tonight/tomorrow morning gets where they need to go safely.  The roads here are going to turn icy and that is going to make horrible driving conditions.


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