or there about anyways.

If I can make it, ie stay awake long enough I want to ring in the New Year by taking a shower.


Why? Cause I want to clean away 2012 and start off fresh for 2013. I want to have a clean slate, I want to feel fresh, revitalized, smell great, I want to start off the new year by feeling like the weight of 2012 has come off and everything that held me back this year doesn’t carry over to 2013.

For some reason I can’t wait until next year….  it is like I can feel in my bones that things are about to happen, are about to change.. and I can’t wait to see what they are.

So I am all for starting the New Year off on a clean slate.


On a side note…

My Dad asked me as I was going upstairs if I was going out tonight and I told him I wasn’t. (my brother is one who goes to parties, not me)

And it makes me a bit sad, that there are so many people who are celebrating the New Year with their friends and I am not. But I also have to be honest with myself and realize that… you know what I am not the sort of person who likes going out. So I right now I need to get out of my pity party, suck it up… and realize I am pouting about trying to be something I am not.

whew I feel better, cause I was starting to feel depressed about it.. when it isn’t me.


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