I have been struggling with trying to figure out what happened to a friendship that I had (still might have) with a male friend of mine.

Basically we went from talking daily, sharing our lives, helping one another to nothing.  To which I took this personally (cause I am good like that) mainly cause twice we had made the arrangement to talk via skype and both times he was a no show. The first time it happened he stated he fell asleep, second time it happened he didn’t even comment on it.

Thus I was hurt, angry, and felt sort of stupid.

I was hurt because I had invested time and energy into the friendship, hurt because I had let my guard down and let him in,

But it seems I was wrong (which I was hoping I would be). He had things going on in his life that made it so he was emotionally withdrawn from everyone.. including me.

Yep… I need to work on not taking things to heart, or more to the point asking the person before I react. diary


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