I am angry and I don't know whyI am frustrated:

  • I am dealing with a charge account issue, dense people, and my blood starting to boil
  • My parents are treating me like a child. Wanting me to do certain things their way, on their time scale, in a way that makes them happy. It is driving me batty
  • I need me a day to myself or two, and I don’t get it while living at my parents. I need to completely shut down, and not talk to anyone.
  • I got told to clean my room… seriously? What am I 12. I think I can make a choice on how I live and how messy I want to be… and it isn’t that bad… it just isn’t organized in a way that makes my Dad happy.
  • My Dad asked me for a status in a sort of condescending tone… sort of implying I am not doing enough when I am
  • Dealing with friends issues..

I am just sort of annoyed today… and I can’t let go of the emotions, enough though I am trying to .. and it sucks.  I dislike when I let things bother me to the point that it throws me off-center.

I just want to scream really really loudly.. and punch a punching bag a few times to get out the excess energy/emotions cause the tension is killing my shoulders at the moment.



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