Some days it is easy to be happy, to be nice, to be laughing… other days it is struggle

Some days it is easy to look at myself in the mirror and say I love myself, that I care about myself, that I accept myself… other days I don’t even want to look in the mirror.

Some day it is easy to view myself as smart, talented, worth wild … other days I have a hard time not seeing the negative things.

Some day it is easy to believe in myself, to feel confident, and to feel like I can conquer the world… other days I have a hard time getting out of bed.


My goal is to have more positive days than negative ones, by making a conscious choice to get out of my own way. To decide that when I am in a bad mood, when I am focusing on the negative, when I am feeling less than… to take a moment to stop and consider if I want to continue my day in that  frame of mind. Some days you know what… I am ticked off and I want to stay in that mind-set … but often times I am finding myself making a conscious choice to change my mind-set. I am choosing to be more positive, I am choosing to take control of my life rather than letting others control me.

I have also started taking the time to pause when I am dealing with a nasty person… by taking that second or two to protect/shield myself from their energy and/or choosing to not let their negativity affect me. I am also trying to not allow other people to affect me, by their issues, problems, negativity.. I am trying to let it pass by me… rather than take it in and absorb it.

This is a learning process… I am not completely there yet.. but I am realizing that I am making choices throughout the day to change how I am reacting.

So I am proud of myself… Go me!

I am trying to find ways to choose to be happy… rather than let other people affect me.  I no longer want to give others the ability to inadvertently choose how my day is (via their issues/emotions/negativity washing over me)

so this is a work in progress…. and I think I am starting off pretty well

not standing with them


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