Today I am in one of those moods… I want things NOW!

Yes I realize that is completely unrealistic to have this expectation. Yes I realize that it took me years to gain the weight. But I want to feel good, look good, and feel proud of my body.

Is that too much to ask? seriously

And blah blah blah… to the concept of accepting my body as it is…. cause yeah no. I am not happy with my body, my weight, or how clothing fits and I am actively working to change things.

And no, this isn’t a New Years resolution gone bad. This isn’t about wanting to be size 2, or losing all the weight asap… all I want right now is to just be able to see results.

I have lost 22-23 pounds.. which part of me is going go me, go me… but for the life of me I can’t see where all the weight is coming from.

  • I look in the mirror and I don’t see much of a difference.
  • My clothing is fitting me the same,
  • I haven’t needed to buy clothes
  • Not a single person has commented that I have lost weight (which in itself is sort of depressing)
  • I am starting to come to the conclusion that little elves are turning I back my scale every night to make me think I am losing weight when I really haven’t.

I am not asking for the world here, all I am asking for is the little things to keep me motivated.




One thought on “I Want it NOW

  1. As a registered dietician I applaude your self compassion. Scales are useful from time to time, but not if they bring you down. So feed your heart with kind thoughts, enjoy being active in nature, and breath peaceful, mindful breaths. Success.

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