Just shakes my head… and blushes. I was at work today and a guy said this doesn’t fit “my girl.”

Now maybe I took things the wrong ways cause I could… grins. But figuring that the clothing that was being returned was for an adult, and the term  “girl” usually in the form of “good girl” is often used in D/s relationships…made it so my head went in all these dark places… (blushing). Yeah… it was bad.

My thoughts were Very Unsafe For Work… grins.

So here I am wearing my new pants… and added bonus I am wearing a shirt that was a bit too snug, and clung to all the wrong places but now it fits perfectly.

I was really excited to go down stairs and let my mom know…

And the first thing out my moms mouth was when she saw the outfit.. was is that your belly button… it was the button on the pants showing through as the shirt was pulled a bit by my jacket/purse.

Second comment was… I thought you were going to dress better that shirt is wrinkled… why are you going backwards?

Ok I get the fact that she cares and this is a good thing… but when I looked in the mirror, when I held the shirt up for inspection before putting it on I didn’t see any wrinkles… so I was pretty put off by her reaction.

And told her I liked the outfit and instead of focusing on the negative maybe she might want to know instead that I was wearing pants that I haven’t fit into for 6 years…. her reaction was to make a face.

And I got pretty ticked off.. cause for the first time in a LONG LONG time I felt pretty, I felt good, I felt sexy in the outfit I was wearing. And her reaction hurt.

Sigh it was only when I got to work and saw the shirt under different lights that I saw what she was talking about.. it was wrinkled quite a bit.

So she had a point.. sticks out my tongue in a very childish way cause I can.

But still it would have been nice to have it where she didn’t come down on me so hard.. instead she could have said… “Hey did you know that shirt was wrinkled” instead of assuming that I had went backwards and didn’t care what I looked like.

sigh… ok end of rant.. I just needed to get that off my chest.

scratch that.. almost done…

I will say this.. I am proud of myself cause I worked to let go of my frustration/anger and didn’t let it ruin my evening.  So I am getting better at controlling my emotions and not allowing them to control me.

"Artist Unknown"

“Artist Unknown”

Oh my God… I had sushi for the first time in what has to be a year… and it was soooo good. So mouth-watering good… it was close to orgasmic.

I also remembered to ask for extra eel sauce on the side.. so that just made everything that much better..

eel sauce rocks…



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