So in my previous post, I bitched because I have been working hard to lose weight and while I am seeing results on the scale, I am not seeing a difference in my body or in my clothing.

So … grins… I picked out a pair of pants to wear into work today, put them on only to realize they were the pair of pants I have been trying to fit into and they FIT. They were my goal pants. So … Go me!

They aren’t a size smaller than what I am now, they are just more structured in the waist and made from a less giving fabric.

Plus…. they are the pair of pants I fit into over 6 years ago. So I feel good!


An added bonus is the fact that while I soooo need to learn to flirt back, a really good looking man gave me a second glance (one of those sort of glances) and it made me feel good.

Too bad I am too shy to be able to flirt back and/or do it well… but I think I am going to have to add that to my list of things I need to learn in the current year.

Cause it feels really good to have someone think you are worth a second look… and it has been awhile since I have gotten one. (or maybe um… I have been too dense to even notice I am getting them.. eep)

Either way… go me.

Step by step in the right direction


“artist – unknown”



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