It took me a long time to get to sleep last night. I felt awful cause here is a car that is the right price, has low mileage, it was in good condition, a 2010 model, it drives great in snow, it has great safety features, everyone who has one seems to love it. It should be the right car…

But it didn’t feel right and it was eating at me and I couldn’t figure out why.

Even though I did a test drive with another model (a 2005 version and it felt comfortable) it wasn’t a comfortable ride and I kept trying to make excuses in my head as to why it wasn’t comfortable. Trying to blame myself… and that sounds silly, but my mom had suggested I get this kinda car, she made a good argument as for why it would work for me and since my parents are helping me out a bit to make ends meet I felt that I should go with her suggestion right?

But the car didn’t feel right when I drove it:

  • I pulled the seat forward (ie I have short legs) and when I was driving my leg kept hitting the under section (the part the connects the steering wheel to the engine) when I moved my leg from the gas to the break.
  • I pushed the seat back.. which corrected this but
  • Then I had another issue that the tilt of the seat even after trying to change it that the seat wasn’t supporting my neck and shoulders
  • The steering wheel was set too far forward, that I found myself leaning forward and my neck and shoulders hurt after doing the test drive
  • The seat just wasn’t comfortable… and I know I was wearing my jacket and that can affect my driving experience.. but not that much.
  • So that is part of the reason why that particular car isn’t right for me.

The second reason is:

Sort of a six sense kinda thing… I sort of feel like I am being told that i need to get an SUV since the frame of the car is higher, thus safer if I were hit.

I am getting the impression (and sometimes I can get a sense of the future) that the car is going to be in an accident and that there will be less damage to the driver (i didn’t see if i was driving or not) because it will be a frame on frame accident, rather than a frame on car accident.

I am getting a definite no when it comes to considering a car…

So… while I am not the biggest fans of SUVs it seems I am getting one.

but at least I figured out what was bothering me, why it was bothering me, and what I can do about it. Cause it is the worst feeling when I feel out of sorts because I don’t understand why I am feeling a certain way.

Now I have to start from square one to find a car … go me.. grrrr


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