learning to love myselfLast night as I was going to sleep… I thought “I love myself”

It is the first time that I have thought that without pushing myself to stop and think it. So go me.

Yet… the thing I noticed was there was a pause afterwards and I am trying to figure out what that pause means. (it wasn’t a positive feeling) I don’t know if:

  • I was trying out what it felt like to say the words … I love myself?
  • I felt uncomfortable saying the words?
  • I felt silly saying those words to myself?
  • I was expecting that little voice inside of me to come back with a … oh no you don’t kinda comment?
  • It felt wrong to say sort of feeling?
  • I expected something bad to happen cause I said it? like I told a lie or something.
  • I was expecting the other shoe to drop sort of thing?
  • I paused cause I felt I said something wrong?

So while it was great to see my own personal growth, it also made me realize that I wasn’t at the point of really loving myself if I am pausing.


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